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Big Ed

My mom has three sisters. And each of her sisters has at least one daughter. And some of the daughters have a daughter. When we girls get together, I feel badly that the men miss out on such sincerity, hilarity, gossip, and fun. I would go through the travails of womanhood ten times, just to be a part of the elite club of the women in my family.

Some of my best memories are sitting around a living room or a hotel room, just talking and laughing. The conversation is not usually highbrow – bodily functions are a consistent topic – but those conversations are the most fun. And my stomach will literally ache from laughing so much.

The ringleader of all this is my Aunt Edda. She is the comedian, and when she gets going, we are all in stitches.

My mom and her sisters are named Sandra, Patricia, Christina, and Edda. Edda always jokes about the raw deal she got with her name. “How can you look at a tiny baby and call her Edda? What kind of a name is Edda?” She often refers to herself and signs her emails as Big Ed, which cracks me up every time. She and my aunts are all almost 6 feet tall (my mom, strangely is only 5’7″). So big is appropriate, though there is nothing manly about my beautiful aunt. But Big Ed makes me laugh all the same.

I wish I could relate all the funny stories that Edda tells, bring them alive here, but I can’t. I’m not funny enough to do them justice. I wish sometimes that I could bottle up the jokes, the stories, the feelings that I get when I am with my family, and then transcribe them so that I’ll have them forever. All I have is the soft, sort of shadowy memories that make me smile even if I can’t quite remember why.

I hope to see you very soon Big Ed. I miss you and all my aunties, and I need a good dose of your kooky antics.

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