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A bit of junk?

on June 28, 2012

I was reading this blog post by my favorite blogger, Jason Good: and it definitely struck a chord. (Ignore the weight part of the title, it’s actually about junk food – I am not obsessed with weight, I promise).

So far we’ve raised Lily with the barest, tiniest exposure to sweets and junk food. Partly due to her milk allergy (easy not to have ice cream or pizza or cake or anything yummy), partly due to Rob’s medical school fear tactics, and partly due to the fact that we just want the best for her. The other day I made her a special almond milk pancake when I made pancakes for Rob and I. Rob wondered why I bothered since there’s little to no nutritional value in a pancake and syrup. My only defense is that I wanted to. I grew up eating pancakes on Sundays and when our family gets together. It’s a special meal with a lot of memories, that I’m good at making and I want to share it with my daughter. He really had no comeback after that.

But if you don’t count cheerios, other dry cereal products, and raisins, and one cupcake, Lily has had almost zero exposure to anything bad for her. The question is, how long should we keep this up?

She doesn’t know any better now. And these days she’s not eating quite as voraciously. If she’s going to eat anything we’d like the bulk of it to be fruit, veg, protein, and fibery grains (yikes, this sound so healthy) so she has the bare minimum of essential vitamins and nutrients, right? But eventually she’s going to want some chips, or Lucky Charms, or god forbid, soda. And I want to let her, within reason. I think.

I don’t want her to be like Jason Good, gorging on crap when she’s 40 because we never let her have Skittles as a child. I also grew up in a pretty healthy household. Not that I never had dessert or fast food, but I didn’t have a lot of sugary cereals and packaged junk. So when I would go over to my friend Abby’s house. I would eat her Fruit by the Foots, drink chocolate milk with dinner, and have Lucky Charms for breakfast. I got my fill of junk before going home. But maybe Jason and I just have impulse control and a bit of a sweet tooth/junk addiction, and it was a good thing we grew up in healthy household or we’d be obese food addicts who finish off entire bags of oreos, regularly.

Food is also fun. There’s pleasure in Halloween candy, freshly baked cookies, and ice cream in the afternoon. A little too much pleasure, if you ask some dietitians. It literally activates the pleasure centers of our brain. I don’t want my daughter to be an obesity statistic, but we’ll never even come close to that with our nutritional diligence.

Hopefully in a year or so this milk allergy will go away and the poor child will be able to experience all the junk that the world has to offer, in moderation of course. At least she’ll get to have pizza for god sakes. Pizza sounds soooo good right now…


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