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I hate leafblowers

on June 7, 2012

You know that you’re home way too much when small things start to drive you nuts. Every week, we have two sets of gardeners come to our condo complex. One tends the plants and borders of our condo complex and one mows the big lawn that is between the condos and the marina right below us. I’m not sure if the marina or the condo complex mantains the lawn and hires the gardener, but the guy who blows at the end of the day drives me insane.

So they mow, and edge, and do all the normal lawn maintenance. Not lovely noises, but it’s pretty expected and necessary. I have no problem with that part of the routine. But at around 3:30, just when you want to open up the sliding glass doors and catch the afternoon breeze, I hear the rrrrrrnnnrr rr rr rr rrrrrrnnrrrr… of the leaf blower. It goes on for an eternity (an hour).

As a general rule, I hate leaf blowers. Whatever happened to rakes? They’re quiet, they don’t require power, and let’s be honest, most people today could use the extra exercise rakes require. And they don’t disturb anyone’s morning or afternoon.

We’ve lived in the suburbs long enough to hear those damn things every Saturday/Sunday morning when someone does their own yard maintenance. Rob would get woken up every Monday by the gardeners who came to our duplex. But for a lot of the week, I was at work and blissfully unaware of all the blowing and edging and mowing going on.

Now that I’m home all the time, I hear it. All the time. And the worst is the blowing, because it’s so pointless and futile. We live in what has got to be one of the windiest places in California. Give it half a day and whatever lawn clippings or scant leaves (it’s June for God’s sake!) remain on the sidewalk will be naturally scattered away.

I think someone told this guy, “Hey go blow until I come pick you up.” So that’s what he does, whether it needs it or not. I will stand on the balcony watching this portly Latino guy blow 15 leaves around for 15 minutes. He blows whatever is on the sidwalk onto the grass or into the water. Because that’s better apparently. Efficiency or expediency is not the goal. I’m pretty sure the goal is to kill time and to look busy.

I feel so helpless against this scourge. I can’t ask the guy to stop – he’s just doing his job. I want to contact the manager. Tell them it’s not necessary. Save the time and money. But they’re just following the gardening protocol as well. I want to be annoying and go to the homeowner’s association and ask to ban all leaf blowers from the premises. Or maybe I just need to go to the ocean, achieve Blue Mind and get over it.



One response to “I hate leafblowers

  1. Gram says:

    As I am reading your post my neighbors gardener is using his leaf blower, it is 7:30 a.m. This gardener is here every Monday at 7:00 a.m. and mows/blows for at least an hour. He too must be putting in a specific amount of time to make it look like he is doing a good job. When I was visiting you, I saw the gardener you mention blowing his five leaves around. Another man was sitting in a golf cart watching him until 5:00, then they left. You do have a legitimate point. There must be someone you can talk to and request they “blow” their time elsewhere until their 5:00 shift ends.” The Blue Mind will help but the blower is a daily event. You could always use “it disturbs my sleeping baby”…no one wants to disturb sleeping babies 🙂

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