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Blue Mind

on June 5, 2012

My mother-in-law sent me a link to an article, a little bio on a Santa Cruz resident named Wallace J. Nichols. In the article he talks about the concept of “blue mind,” which is the calm state you get when you’re in or near the ocean. The ocean takes away our “red mind” of stress and anxiety and just chills us out.

I completely agree with the blue mind idea. Every time I am at the beach, staring out at the abyss of an ocean before me, hearing the rhythm of the waves, smelling the salty air, it’s an immediate detox. But you have to empty your mind and just let the ocean in. If you go with your kids and you’re worrying about sunscreen and lunches and drowning, you might not get to relax. You have to just let it all go. No walking, frisbee throwing, or body surfing, just the quiet appreciation and mental takeover of the ocean. Then you can take a walk or throw the frisbee, or rub sunscreen on a child in your newly zen state.

I don’t think blue mind is limited to the ocean or bodies of water. You could also get blue mind at the top of the mountain, in a grove of trees, in the middle of a meadow, or looking at a lake. I don’t think it actually requires an ocean. It just requires a “quiet” place where you can sit and lose yourself in nature. When I say quiet, I mean quiet from the modern world and other people. The noises of nature – wind, birdcalls, waves, and water lapping – is welcome noise.

This is one of the reasons Rob and I want to make our final home, the place where we put down roots, (10 years from now?) near the ocean. Hopefully there we can live a blue life.


2 responses to “Blue Mind

  1. […] and ask to ban all leaf blowers from the premises. Or maybe I just need to go to the ocean, achieve Blue Mind and get over […]

  2. Sandi Alderson says:

    Maybe if you could go to the homeowners assn. meeting and explain your story to them they could put the men in charge of weeding and not so much blowing. It is an annoying noise that we do here, but as little as possible.

    I have “Blue Mind” in Yosemite hiking and appreciating the views, the amount of water coming over the falls; rushing rivers; as well as reading on our deck and being able to see out across our lawn and into the redwoods; being at the ocean and walking along the beach; reading a good book and seeing a good movie or taking a morning walk. It’s a little harder for parents with children/kids at home to do these things which allows us to really appreciate those precious down times when sthey surface.

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