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No writing :(

on June 4, 2012

I really wanted to make it a goal to write something every day. And look I haven’t written anything in weeks. First trimester nausea/exhaustion, plus having the hubby home (which somehow makes us less productive as a unit?), plus a ton of emailing and computer work for the Benicia Moms Group, and of course darling Lily as the biggest time suck of all. All of this equals zero energy for blogging. Plus I want this blog to be about more than the day to day baby banalia (not a word). It’s wonderful in it’s own way, and I love it, but I have another blog for that (which I also haven’t posted on).

So anyway, tired or not, even if all my plants are dying of thirst, and the dishes are stacked up, I am going to write. I have about one more month of this shitty nausea, but I’m not going to let it bring me down. I am going to write in this blog every day for a month. Even if all I manage is a haiku, it is happening. I can haiku on my phone if have to and post from there.  : )


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