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Haiku about my day

on May 7, 2012

I’ve done all I can.

Please just go play by yourself.

Here play in the fridge.


I don’t want to bitch about my day, I have it better than most. But when Lily was finally asleep, I was exhausted (Rob too I’m sure). I really want to write something, and this is all I can think about right now. This poem about sums it up.


3 responses to “Haiku about my day

  1. Sandi Alderson says:

    Oh boy. Take a break; staying home is a tough job as everyone has told you I’m sure. But if she still has those same teeth and no more, that could be the culprit. She was right on schedule until now, so maybe they are bothering her a little. Who knows. That’s why four is the magic age; they can tell you where it hurts but of course by then it’s too late! Just spend time in the park; toddlers and kids love it outdoors.

  2. Rob Rogers says:

    I laughed out loud when I read this. I think only the congested state of our refrigerator has prevented Nam and I from writing something similar…

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