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Riverdog Farms

on April 25, 2012

We have been wanting to subscribe to a weekly box of produce for a while.  My cousin has been getting one in Amsterdam, and it looks like so much fun.  I like how it sort of forces you to try new things, and of course, it’s wonderful to support local farmers, to eat fresh, organic produce, and to add healthy veggies to our diet.  Rob looked into it and we decided to get our box from Riverdog Farms.  We also liked Shooting Star CSA, but it was slightly more expensive and limited, so we thought we’d try Riverdog Farms first.  I think it was also their pictures of chickens scratching around in the fields that swayed me into picking them.

There’s so, so much that I love about all this.  Okay, first off, health.  I don’t think anyone is surprised that eating vegetables is good for you, but with Rob attending lectures and reading all these studies about cancer and heart disease, we just get that message over and over again.  Vegetable, exercise.  Vegetable, exercise.  Not only will eating your leafy greens decrease cancer risks, and improve heart health, it will also allow you to punch burly villains named Bluto through a wall.  We’re paying for this box, so by god we’re going to eat it.  And we’re going to be reeeeeeallllllly realllly healthy as a result.

Second thing that I love is the farm itself.  They have the crops, but they also have chickens and pigs.  The chickens eat the insects and grubs that would harm the crops, and the pigs eat the scraps of food that aren’t sellable.  Then we eat the chickens and pigs.  You’d think with all that free food around the farm, they would cost less, but apparently such well raised animals cost more.  I’m going to guess because they are so delicious and good for you.  We will have to test this theory one day (but not every week or we will no longer be able to afford iPhones. Priorities.).

And finally, I love how fun it is.  Some might be skeptical that a box of vegetables could be fun, and maybe it’s just my own quirk, but it feels like getting a present.  One that I pay for and pick up myself, but exciting nonetheless.

Looking forward to the first fruits of summer in the box and saving up for that $25 chicken (heads and feet still attached – bonus!).


One response to “Riverdog Farms

  1. Gram says:

    Glad you both got the veggie, exercise message early. I didn’t pay attention to that memo and look at what I was dealt…another good reminder for you to live healthy.

    Nothing like living off the land but the chicken with the head and feet, yipes, a little to earthy for me. I can’t even eat a lobster with the head and tail attached. Guess I will be sticking to veggies, organic chicken breasts, and wild caught fish. Love your posts!

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