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Double space

on April 25, 2012

When I learned to type I learned to double space after a period. I think that was a holdover from when people typed on a typewriter. But now with basically all typing done on the computer and new fonts, etc. it is no longer necessary to double space after a period, and most people and publications don’t. Rob has told me this several times. And I want to stop. Why waste the time and space with that extra tap? But it is really hard. I think my thumb has muscle memory that it cannot overcome and it must tap twice. (I’ve done it for every single sentence I’ve written). So now I have to make three taps. The two that I cannot control and do automatically, and one delete to erase the extra space. (getting better, two sentences in a row I have not double tapped for). I’m 30, not 80. I’m adaptable. I can do this.

From here on out, I will end all my sentences with three taps and one space.


5 responses to “Double space

  1. Rob says:

    Yay!!!!!!!! Best. Post. Ever.

  2. Jill says:

    I don’t think I’m doing so well.

  3. Sandi Alderson says:

    I didn’t realize that two spaces after a period was passe. I simply think it looks better and is slightly easier to read. I assumed that publishers omited the two spaces only if it meant they could finish the sentence without having to drop down to the next line.
    Humorous writing; fun to read.

  4. Gram says:

    I didn’t know that either, see your blog has already been educational. Can I relearn this at 57?

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